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requiring the use of drinking water

Save charges for highly polluted effluent

Process industries (e.g. food processing) use great quantities of water and produce highly polluted wastewater/effluent. They must pay fees for discharge of effluent with high organic load. You can
save the charges by getting your own wastewater treatment plant that treats effluent only from your plant.
The treatment plant treats the effluent to such a high quality that it can be discharged directly into local water bodies.

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Save costs by recycling wastewater for washing & cleaning

Water is not used only in processing but also for cleaning of machines and production areas. To do that, you can use recycled water.
Wastewater recycling system treats process water from your plant so you can reuse it to clean the machines and the production area. After that, the wastewater is discharged (either with or without
treatment). In this way you save the charges for drinking water you would normally use for cleaning.

what do you save?

What do you gain?

Fees for discharge of highly polluted effluent (organic loads)

Charges for effluent discharge

Charges for drinking water

Lower production costs

Greener profile

A good story to tell

Good conscience

WHY getting a recycling system or treatment plant from Cleantech Aqua A/S?


Our wastewater treatment plants and recycling systems are energy optimized, i.e. energy consumption is reduced during periods of inactivity.
By recycling the process water the treatment plant saves you drinking water charges for cleaning of machines and production areas.


Where it is possible, the wastewater is treated biologically. We always try to avoid the use of chemical substances. In case it is absolutely necessary to apply chemicals in order to treat
wastewater, we use those that represent the lowest risk for nature and people.


Wastewater recycling systems and treatment plants from Cleantech Aqua A/S operate fully automatically. They do not require
much of your attention.

In addition, you can follow the whole treatment process online on your computer and have an overview over what is happening no matter where you are.


Are you moving production to another place? Then just take the treatment plant or recycling system with you.
You can lift it with a crane or forklift. You just have to drain the system of water before you move it.

Do you want to hear more? We are ready to help you.


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