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"I definitely recommend Cleantech Aqua to everyone, who wants to reduce the use of freshwater. In the past, we had used about 9.157 m3 of freshwater every year to wash our buses. After we got the system, our freshwater consumption has been reduced down to 458 m3 per year. Until now, we have saved 403.361 EURO and 87.993 m3 of freshwater. The system has been in a constant operation for 9,5 years and there were just a few smaller reparations. There is no daily maintenance, I only clean a strainer every friday."
Mogens Carlsen
Mechanic at Keolis (Aalborg)
"We decided to get this recycling system because we think that it is necessary to take care of our freshwater resources. Sooner or later, it will be forbidden to wash vehicles with pure freshwater. By recycling wastewater, we reduce the company’s environmental footprint. It is also a very good idea in terms of cost-savings. Until now, we have saved about 3.500 m3 of freshwater, which is about 18.400 EURO. We also just got installed a bigger rainwater harvesting tank. We can use the harvested rainwater to compensate for the water loss that occurs when the trucks drive out of the wash site. So we actually don't need to purchase freshwater anymore. In addition, the indoor environment at the truck wash site improved significantly. Before, it smelled as a rotten egg, it was horrible. Now, there is a very pleasant environment that is also much better for the health of those that wash the trucks there. I can only recommend Cleantech Aqua. I’m very happy with the recycling system and they are nice people."
Ole Printz Larsen
Chairman of the Board & Owner of Ole Larsen Transport A/S
"We wash many tanker trucks every day. Therefore, it definitely makes sense that we get the dirty water treated and use it again and again. With the recycling system, we reduce our freshwater consumption and get a greener profile. At the same time, we save quite a lot on our water bill. In the past three years, we have saved about 17.800 m3 of freshwater and 88.320 EURO. Furthermore, it is really smart that you can always follow the operation of the system online in the control program."
Preben Hansen
Owner & Director in Demstrup Autotransport
"At Brønderslev Flytteforretning, the water recycling system has solved the problem with a very unpleasant smell at the truck wash site. It has totally removed the bad smell and we are happy for the nice indoors environment that we have at the site. Another great advantage is that the system is maintenance-free. We have had it in 8 years and I don't do anything to keep it operating – there is just a handle I turn once every two weeks to clean the filter. I’m quite busy here so I really appreciate that I don’t have to use time on maintaining it."
Allan Sørensen
Operations Manager in Brønderslev Flytteforretning

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