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About us


Cleantech Aqua A/S is a company working within the field of wastewater treatment and recycling.
Concretely, we are focused on development and production of wastewater recycling systems and  wastewater treatment plants. Besides, we develop online control programs for wastewater
recycling systems, treatment plants and vehicle wash machines.

Our goal is to produce systems that fulfill current requirements, requirements that are on the way and any requirements that will come in the future. In other words, we would like to be the frontrunners in this field.


Mogens (the current director) has been working with water and wastewater treatment for over 30 years. He was there when the first plant treating car wash effluents biologically was put into
operation in 1998. It was him that took care of it and maintained it. It implied, for example, to climb down into a settling pit, stand there with sludge up his thighs and switch pipes. He got convinced that it could be made simpler.
Regarding the fact that he is a do-it-yourself person, he thought about how the plant could be rebuilt or adjusted so the maintenance became easier and working conditions for workers better. He built his own wastewater treatment plant and tested his ideas, presented them to the producer of the plant at work. But without a response. It was not them that were supposed to do the dirty work.

Irritated by the lack of interest, he decided to build a new treatment plant that would have been smarter and would have required much attention compared to the plant at his former job. By the trial and error method he found out how the plants and systems should work together so they treat wastewater with a high-quality result. What parts and technologies he should use so the operational costs were low and almost no human attention was required.

We ought to do something that does not break and one does not have to stand in a pit in order to repair it.


We can say that Mogens was with his thoughts a few years ahead of sustainability thinking. He had been thinking about systems that would recycle wastewater and process water from industry for a
long time. What we today call circular economy, he called cradle-to-cradle. The meaning of this concept and and still is that to design products and systems in a way that enables their long lifetime,
renewal and reuse.


Wastewater recycling systems and treatment plants we produce today are the result of many years of practical experience. But we are not at all done with development. We think all the time about
how to improve, increase efficiency and reduce the impact of wastewater treatment and recycling on the environment.

All these aspects enable us to design systems and plants where direct discharge does not threaten any form of life, and the recycled water can be applied in a wide range of industrial processes.
Wastewater recycling is related to great savings and a short period of return.

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You are welcome to come by our office and workshop. We will be happy to show you around.

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