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"There are more ants than people on the planet. Despite the fact that they have lived here for over a million years, they haven’t left any waste after them. On the contrast, modern human civilization degraded most of the Earth in 100 years. Cleantech Aqua A/S would like to contribute to right the wrong. If we learn from natural life cycles and change our mode of production and consumption, we can live a happy and more sustainable life without affecting local ecosystems."



The cradle to cradle concept is based on the idea of designing products that can, at the end of their lifetime, enter into a production again.

To make this possible, we design and produce recycling systems and treatment plants in a way that at the end of their lifetime, the materials can be separated, processed and reused. Our goal is to follow the cradle to cradle concept and propagate the principles of circular thinking. We will develop innovative ideas into new wastewater recycling systems and treatment plants and produce them out of recyclable materials with reduced energy consumption related to manufacturing and operation.


Our mission is to reduce the use of drinking water for industrial purposes and substitute it with recycled water or rainwater (e.g. drinking water as industrial process water, cooling of machines, cleaning).

We will design and produce wastewater recycling systems and treatment plants that treat wastewater so:

• the treated water can be discharged into surface water or sewer without any risk for contamination,

• the recycled water can be reused in a wide range of industrial processes.

The journey of wastewater into wastewater treatment works is related to great costs, e.g. transport, treatment, operation and maintenance of the works. Sewerage operators are obliged to adapt sewerage systems to sudden and heavy rainfall. All these aspects contribute to rising charges for wastewater discharge, treatment and maintenance of the sewerage. Our goal is to reduce the costs of discharge and treatment of wastewater and instead of it, to create value of wastewater.

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