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Bacteria live on stones in streams. It is the slimy layer on the surface of those stones. The bacteria need oxygen to survive. Oxygen gets to the water when streams run over stones, rocks or other obstacles. They feed on the organic material in water and contribute to natural  purification of natural streams.

Bacteria carriers

With MBBR technology, we breed this kind of bacteria in a tank called a bioreactor. In the bioreactor, the bacteria live on artificial carriers floating in the water. The bacteria feed on organic pollution in wastewater that is sent into the bioreactor. The amount of carriers is derived from your needs.
The bioreactor is aerated causing carriers to be in constant motion. At the same time, the water mass gets aerated which is vital for survival of the bacteria that need constant supply of dissolved

The bacteria are characterized by the ability to multiply or reduce their numbers depending on the pollution degree of the wastewater, e.g. they can double or halve their numbers in only 20 minutes. It means that the bacteria reproduce on their own and there is no need to add anything.

Movement of water mass in a bioreactor. You can It is possible to see the bacteria carriers at the walls of the tank.


This method is self-cleaning, i.e. you do not have to clean or rinse the carriers nor the bioreactor.
The whole cleaning process takes place spontaneously and you can follow it online on your user panel 24/7.

Reduction of sludge, COD and BOD

Thanks to the high efficiency of this biological treatment process, the volume of sludge, BOD and
COD is reduced with up to 80 %. At the same time, heavy metals are removed from water.

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